UA-130878963-1 Installation of Home Automation systems



We’ve all heard about smart home automation, but what is it, really? Simply put, home control automation is a way to easily, centrally control multiple systems in your home, including music, climate, motorized shades, security, lighting and more. Think of it as your own personal servant whose main goal is to help you live in your home better and smarter than ever before. The benefits? Reduced clutter, enhanced lifestyle, increased safety and huge energy savings, just to name a few.




Imagine a single button press at bedtime that:

  • Turns off the house lights

  • Turns on exterior lights

  • Arms your security system

  • Turns off all audio/video devices

  • Sets temperature controls for optimal nighttime comfort and efficiency

  • Initiates the schedule for the following morning to do everything in reverse


If this sounds like science fiction, think again. Because we feature the latest in automated home systems that work smarter so you don’t have to work harder. No more running from room to room, adjusting temperatures, turning off lights, game systems and stereos, no more waking up in the middle of the night wondering if you remembered to set the alarm. Our smart home automation systems give you peace of mind you can count on.


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